“Wishing Song” – New Music From Paul Bergmann

Feast your ears on “Wishing Song,” the tender new ballad from Los Angeles-based folk craftsman Paul Bergmann, whose sound has been compared to Nick Cave, early Johnny Cash, and Leonard Cohen.
Abiding by Bob Dylan’s folk philosophy of placing the integrity of the song before all else, Bergmann has been spending more time on the writing process than ever before.In his current creative efforts, he’ll tell you that he strives for honesty but not overexposure, vulnerability but not weakness, straightforwardness but not simplicity.He takes inspiration from the natural side of Los Angeles: the beach, the woods, and the outdoors – as well as a near constant stream of Neil Young’s On the Beach.
The track, a duet with Emily Kokal of Warpaint, is from his forthcoming EP Romantic Thoughts out October 2nd on Fairfaix Records, featuring Nick Waterhouse as co-producer.  The five-song EP is a dynamic body of sound in which each song showcases different sides of Bergmann’s personas.  Sit, listen, repeat.

Snag a listen here:

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