Album Review: Holland Belle – Wanderlust

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 11.23.24 PMPeople use the phrase “simple” as a weapon. In a time when “overproduced” and “shiny” sells records, pure and honest records have gone the way of the dinosaur.

Holland Belle is simple. Her new EP Wanderlust isn’t colorful, flashy or sparkly. She is what she is– simple.

However, let’s get one thing clear before moving forward: the simplicity attached to Holland Belle isn’t a disadvantage. It is a gift from God.

Sharp and at attention, her voice flawlessly¬†punctuates every word on Wanderlust’s opening track “Last Train From New York.” With blended vocals building at the minute and a half point and perfectly-executed slide guitar throughout the track’s build, Belle makes her talent clear. She has no intention of hiding her vocals behind a bundle of noise. This is never more clear than when she channels her internal Joni Mitchell on “Grow Towards The Light” and the haunting and heartbreakingly honest “Lovely Ghost.”

Not to be outdone by the beautiful instrumentation on the album, Belle closes out Wanderlust with an A cappella cover of the traditional folk song “House of the Rising Sun.” Joining the ranks of Bob Dylan, The Animals, Dolly Parton, Woodie Guthrie and countless others who have record it, Belle’s role in the song’s legacy holds its own against the greats. Crisp and raw, her vocals shine as she reminds the industry that sometimes talent alone is enough.

Snag a sniff of the track here:

Wanderlust will be released on vinyl on September 2, 2015 on All Scene Eye.

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