3 Songs That Should Be On Your Radar

Won’t Let Go – Eddie Brickwell & Steve Martin

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that The Jerk isn’t my favorite movie of all time (spoiler: it is). That doesn’t make this post bias. Steve Martin has chops. Placing his banjo behind Edie Brickell’s beautiful vocals is no rookie move. In fact, when their new album So Familiar hits shelves on October 30, 2015, it will be the third time the duo has partnered up.

Listen to “Won’t Let Go” here:

Maybe – Ari Herstand

In a track that is truly intended to tug on your heartstrings, Ari Herstand reflects on what you leave behind when you live a life on the road. His candid lyrics are as touching as his soft, beautiful voice.

Catch the video for “Maybe” here:

“The World Will Take Care Of Me” – Oryx + Crake

I will always have room in my heart for a band named after a Margaret Atwood novel (unless they suck.) This does not suck!

View “The World Will Take Care Of Me” here:

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