Album Review: Findlay Brown – Slow Light

UK-born Brooklyn-based folk artist Findlay Brown released his brand new album, Slow Light, today; heavily influenced by his growing interest in spirituality, history and psychedelics (Terence McKenna, Graham Hancock) and the poetry of Rumi and Kahlil Gibran, Slow Light is a 10-song stunner that brings new life to the phrase "music to my ears." Brown has come back... Continue Reading →

Interview: The Preservation Hall Jazz Band

New Orleans is one of my most favorite places on the planet.  I take a yearly autumnal sojourn to the Crescent City,  (because if you go in the summer, you'll melt); there's just something magical about that town--the food, the culture, the history, and of course, the music.  Everywhere you go, music is wafting through the air; there are... Continue Reading →

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