Album Review: Austin Lucas – Between The Moon And The Midwest

For a while now, Austin Lucas has been one of the few artists carrying the classic country torch who has been able to keep it current and relevant. Usually decked out in a punk band’s t-shirt that he digs, sneakers, and wielding a… Continue Reading

Recent Release Review: Moonsville Collective – Heavy Howl

When one thinks of music from the Southern California region, those thoughts probably do not include a string band combining bluegrass overtones with a touch of classic rock. Despite the anachronistic sound, Moonsville Collective brings a fresh, modern feel to their songs… Continue Reading

Album Review: All Them Witches – Dying Surfer Meets His Maker

Is psychedelic-folk-rock a thing? If so, Nashville’s All Them Witches have created something familiar, yet new for you to enjoy. My best attempt to describe their sound is if Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) and the Kirkwood brothers (Meat Puppets) got together, hit record,… Continue Reading