Video Premiere: “Missin’ On You” – Douglas ★ Warren

Nashville’s Christopher Douglas Keller, who performs as Douglas ★ Warren, got his start in pop music, but followed his heart and his talent into the realm of country rock. “My influences will always be prevalent and some would argue it’s not ‘true country’, which is fine. There was definitely a difficulty at first, but it wasn’t country music that was difficult, it was the difficult time I was going through in my life,” he says of his musical transition. “Honestly, country saved me. It was there when I needed it most.”

“I did a lot of driving across the country in my F-150 after a family tragedy, and country was all I could play on the radio,” he adds.  “It was a friend I needed, constantly patting me on back telling me everything was going to be okay. It helped keep me breathing and allowed me to express my emotions. As I’ve gotten older my tastes have matured; now a twangy guitar, smooth pedal steel, groovy bass line, and a heavy rock beat, all accompanying a story line, just makes sense to me. It’s the kind of music I want to create. I feel close to it, I feel a connection to it. It’s taken 30 years to really feel something like that. Some musicians have had no problem finding their genre and really sticking with it. Others, such as myself, have to find what really speaks to them and dabble in different instruments, genres, and vibes.”

Now, Keller will share his stories of love, loss, and adventure with an EP and tour slated for this fall.  He recently released a single, “Missin’ On You”, of which he says: “Sometimes in life, everything goes right, where you live, your friends, your career, and of course a significant other. This song is about reflecting on that part of my life, and focuses on a particular girl that I loved being with at the time. Life happens, and things might not go according to plan, people grow apart, and loved ones are lost.  Reminiscing about such a time with someone that brought joy can bring a smile to your face when smiling is tough to do.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Missin’ On You”, the new video by Douglas ★ Warren–give it a look and let it put a smile on your face:


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